From city to city

Montauban, Albi, Cahors, Toulouse...

Montauban ... the pinkest of pink cities

In pink the famous Place Nationale where it is good… do nothing, in pink the roof tiles of mansions built with the accumulated fortunes of the pastel trade, pink the Saint-Jacques church, the old college, the old bridge which spans the Tarn which is in blue, as if to accentuate the contrast. City of art and history, Montauban is one of the oldest and best-preserved of the new medieval towns of the Southwest, which however does not lack.
Montauban saw the birth of the painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle, the first feminist Olympe de Gouges, Etienne Roda Gil. The actor Roland Giraud and also Daniel Cohn-Bendit, both sons of refugees, have found asylum in Montauban because this city is also generous...
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Cahors in the Lot Valley

From the Valentré bridge to the Saint-Etienne cathedral, the first city in the Lot combines a southern atmosphere with historical riches. Enclosed in a loop of the Lot Valley, Cahors, City of art and history, is made for the happiness of exploration. Born in the time of Rome, the city of Cahors became in the Middle Ages a commercial and financial center of European scope. This golden age today constitutes an intact and delightfully lively old center that we must visit.
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Albi, magnificent episcopal city

The magnificent episcopal city of Albi is a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Its huge cathedral rises above the city and dominates the Tarn spanned by the Pont-Vieux. This city which welcomed famous characters like the painter Toulouse Lautrec or the navigator La Perouse is also an essential place in the understanding of a pivotal period in the history of the region, the crusade against the "Albigensians" also nicknamed "Cathars" .
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Some distances from La Maison Jaune

  • Montauban Centre : 15kms
  • Cahors : 47kms
  • Albi : 70kms
  • Toulouse Centre : 72kms
  • Rocamadour : 102kms
  • Padirac : 108kms
  • Auch : 106kms
  • Carcassonne : 162kms
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Le cloître de l'abbaye de Moissac

Toulouse is the capital of Occitania, warm, spontaneous and passionate

You will be struck by the density of remarkable monuments that make the beauty of Toulouse, whose center can be enjoyed on foot or by bicycle. The Capitole, emblematic of Toulouse, houses both the City Hall and the Opera: a special case in France! Admire its sumptuous architecture, punctuated by pink marble columns. Enter Saint-Sernin basilica (one of the largest Romanesque buildings in the West) and Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques, both listed as World Heritage by UNESCO .
Toulouse maintains a passionate relationship with its river, the Garonne. Its sun-drenched brick docks, shaded by plane trees, are bordered by superb houses.
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Occitanie is also the French region with the most villages classified in the list of "Most Beautiful Villages of France". According to the ranking of the "Favorite Village of the French", the Occitan region also has the most cities. You will also be seduced by other cities, labeled Grands Sites Occitanie Sud de France: Toulouse, Carcassonne, Auch or Rocamadour ...
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