Following the State of Health Emergency decreed by the emergency law n ° 2020-290 of March 23, 2020 to face the epidemic of covid-19, I nevertheless wish to allow you to spend pleasant moments, while ensuring optimal hygiene and safety for all

Your welcome

As soon as you arrive, masked or not masked, I will welcome you while keeping the necessary sanitary distance
⦁ wearing a mask is strongly recommended in common areas
⦁ I will indicate your room and the places at your disposal, always respecting barrier gestures
⦁ your room key, disinfected beforehand, will be on the door on the interior side
⦁ hydroalcoholic gel, in a dispenser as well as tissues, will be available in the entrance hall ⦁ the various tourist guides and flyers can no longer be at your disposal, but I will be there to help you, by indicating the good addresses to discover and useful internet links

House, terrace, garden and swimming pool

⦁ in addition to the usual cleaning, disinfection will be reinforced in all the places at your disposal
⦁ this disinfection, using certified certified products, preferably eco-labeled, will be applied to the surfaces of furniture, floors, door and window handles, chairs, armchairs, keys, wall switches and lamps
⦁ the dining room and the terrace, sufficiently large, will allow you to sit there at the necessary sanitary distance in the presence of other guests

Your room

its usual decoration will be slightly watered down, less cushions and decorative items, but it will always be charming and comfortable
⦁ the same sanitary protocol will be applied there on the floors, surface of furniture, chairs and armchairs, door handles, windows, wall switches and lamps
⦁ bed and bathroom linen will be disinfected by high temperature washing
⦁ the sanitary surfaces, the taps will be rigorously disinfected, as well as the shower gel dispensers
⦁ will also be disinfected, cabinet buttons, hangers, TV remote control


⦁ they will be served to you in the reception hall or on the terrace but the sanitary measures will not prevent them from being greedy and generous
⦁ we will ask you to specify a time slot so that you can take your meals away from other people
⦁ breakfasts will be prepared in the kitchen (which you will not be able to enter) and which will be disinfected according to the protocol applied to other places of life
⦁ I will prepare them with a mask and a protective visor, but always with passion
⦁ the composition of the dishes will be for your sole use, serving on a plate, bread, pastries, jams, butter, sugar etc., for your sole use and what will not be consumed, will be thrown away
⦁ the dishes will be washed in the dishwasher at high temperature

Your invoice & payment

⦁ the dematerialization of invoices and payments will be favored, as far as possible
⦁ payments by credit card preferably, will be done with a device disinfected for each use

Your departure

⦁ I will ask you to open the windows of your room, before leaving it on the day of your departure and leaving the keys there
⦁ it will be well ventilated for a minimum of 3 hours to allow me to do it again, and safely, cleaning and disinfecting.

General facilities

  • Breakfast included
  • Free Wifi
  • Bathrobes (room only)
  • Swimming pool
  • Landscaped park
  • Picnic area
  • Free Parking for LV
  • Credit cards
  • Non smoking inside
  • Pets on request
  • Check-in 16h30 to 19h30-Check-out 11h
  • View all rooms

Need help? Call us

+33 5 633 186 38 7/7 from 9h00 to 19h30